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Italian Cappuccino Coffee Shop offers a wide selection of flavors and products for your enjoyment, including sugar free, dairy free, and alcohol-based options. Surprise your guests and make your day unforgettable. 

We offer unique hot and cold coffee drinks, as well as a selection of delicious foods and creative pastries. You can enjoy a simple snack or a light meal, such as breakfast or a gourmet lunch, at the shop.  

Even though our menu is small, the quality is large and overflowing with our love of good food and good friends. Everything is fresh - all of the time - and made right here in our own state of the art kitchen - with love and a great attention to detail.

We are definitely not your run of the mill cafe. Our executive chefs and highly qualified line and prep cooks delight in creating their specialty pancakes and milkshakes as well as tasty coffees and teas. Try our famous Italian Cappuccino 

Regardless of the occasion, you and your guests will always feel welcome and will find an enjoyable spot to relax and enjoy.  We invite you in to snack on our fabulous pastries and coffees in our little home away from home. 

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