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Come sample our amazing coffee lineup. We feature a number of both cold brew and hot gourmet coffee favorites.Brewing coffee is an art. It requires experience.

Italian Cappuccino Coffee Shop is a local coffee house known for being a haven for coffee aficionados. We brew our own coffee beans, and each beverage we serve is handmade-to-order so that it’s fresh and delicious when you drink it. 

Our guests are attracted to our specialty coffees and unusual drinks and pastries. We also have light food, including: 

* Desserts

* Cakes

* Hot pretzels

* Mini pizzas

* Cookies & pies

* Pound cakes and more 

Come enjoy great coffee and a delicious breakfast at our coffee shop. This is the perfect place to meet for business or social occasions, or just to grab a quick cup of coffee and a fabulous dessert. We have everything from iced caramel lattes to delicious espresso blends. 

We believe in and support sustainable coffee growing and only choose the finest coffees for your pleasure.  Single origin coffees are pure - not blended - and are sourced from particular regions.  

We only accept the finest. This dedication to quality allows us to understand the spirit of coffee from the ground up, and to serve delicious coffees straight from the farms. 

What makes our coffee shop special? 

* Passionate about quality

* Boldest and tastiest menu choices

* Great selection / Seasonal selection

* Diverse traditions and origins

* Relaxed, friendly atmosphere 

You are welcome to sit back and enjoy our fabulous breakfast and lunch dishes at any time of the day. These include our marvelous quiches, grilled wraps and panini - that people just can't get enough of. There are also a wide variety of teas, smoothies, iced drinks, frozen drinks and more. 

Italian Cappuccino Coffee Shop  is a leader in the coffee marketplace. We've sourced amazing coffees right from the growers and cooperatives, and then, used our proprietary process to enhance the subtleties and uniqueness of the coffee beans. This is “THE” place to grab a cup of coffee and a fabulous dessert. 

We are far more than a neighborhood coffee shop.  Our guests relax in spacious booths, sipping their specialty coffees and teas, snacking on our fresh baked goods, and surfing the internet on our free Wi-Fi. All of these amenities make our wonderful shop a perfect place for friends to meet and greet, and it’s also ideal for business meetings. 

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